Genealogy Tip of the Week: Ship records and passenger lists can provide information about family members coming and where they landed and where from.

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Littlegenbook.com provides genealogy research listings and assistance to genealogy hobbiests and professionals throughout the United States.

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Welcome to littlegenbook.com. Littlegenbook is a directory website which connects genealogists from throughout the United States.

As genealogists and family historians ourselves, we understand how difficult it can be to gather information from other areas of the country. If we all work together we can assist each other in connecting with information about our ancestors. Providers offer to do tasks such as Vital Record Lookups, Tombstone Pictures, Land Record Lookups, Obituary Lookups, Will Lookups, County History Lookups, Divorce record Lookups, Census Searches, and other Genealogy Reasearch. Some providers volunteer their time and others charge a fee for their services.

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Littlegenbook.com was developed by the same company who brought you File Grove. What is File Grove? File Grove is an easy to use web site which gives you the ability to organize, share, and preserve photos and documents such as such as photographs, love letters, newspaper clippings, and similar documents.

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